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Startup Leadership Summit

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Founder to Leader & CBS Leadership Centre

Join us for this first open leadership event where we delve into the critical aspects of leadership in startups. We'll be discussing how founders can effectively transition into taking on the role of a leader to foster organizational and company growth potential.


The Founder to Leader ProgramCBS Leadership Centre, and The Danish Industry Foundation cordially invite you to engage in the leadership agenda. Connect with leadership experts, researchers, business professionals, and startup leaders and founders around a shared ambition: To enable founders to step into their leadership role successfully and foster long-term, sustainable growth and development within their organization.


This late afternoon event is dedicated to exploring the dynamic and rapidly evolving demands of leadership in startups. We aim to provide a platform for fresh perspectives and opportunities to address the most pressing leadership challenges faced by founders, leaders, and employees in the startup ecosystem. We are excited to present a distinguished lineup of speakers from both practical and research backgrounds, each offering unique insights into the world of leadership in startups. This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, leadership experts, founders, coaches, and researchers to discuss the current and future landscape of startup leadership.






15.00 I ARRIVAL 



by Morten Irgens, Vice Dean of Innovation and Impact at Copenhagen Business School, Eva Fog Bruun, Director at CBS Leadership Center, Mia Jung Elmertoft, Head of Leadership Development, CSE at CBS, and Morten Mommsen, Project Manager at The Danish Industry Foundation,


16.00 I TALK 

by Mercedes Delgado, Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School and Research Scientist at the MIT Innovation Initiative.



facilitated by Pernille Brun, co-founder and CEO of online coaching platform GetSession. 

Guests speakers Katrine Lee Larsen, founder and CVO of Copenhagen Cartel, Jonas Gyalokay, Co-Founder & Board Member at Airtame, Cathrine K. Reimann, Co-Founder and Head of Expansion & Community at Landfolk, and Mathias Horn, Co-founder and COO of



with Mia Jung Elmertoft, Head of Leadership Development, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, and David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, cofounder of Basecamp & HEY, best-selling author, and investor in Danish startups.


18.30 I FOOD & DRINKS 




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We've invited a fierce band of seasoned founders to join us on the stage for a talk facilitated by Pernille Brun, CEO and Co-founder of the coaching platform,: 
🐠 Katrine Lee Larsen, Founder and CVO of Copenhagen Cartel
In her capacity as a maverick solo founder and woman in charge, Katrine comes packed with a ton of experience having successfully built and led a rapidly scaling company that continues to beat the odds (and keep our oceans healthy and clean). 

🖥️ Jonas Gyalokay - Co-Founder and Chairman of Airtame
Having taken up the fight against tech giants such as Apple or Google with his startup Airtame, Jonas fits the bill of a bold and visionary founder. As former CEO, Jonas has been through it all and learned first-hand how to cope and balance one's performance and well-being as a founder and leader. 
🏕️ Cathrine K. Reimann, Co-Founder and Head of Expansion & Community at Landfolk
An advocate for the power and impact of diversity, Cathrine brings a wealth of experience as part of a diverse founder and leadership team. She understands just how diversity and unique blend of skills are a catalyst for optimal outcomes when building a rapidly growing startup. 

🎮 Mathias Horn, Co-founder and COO of
When Founder to Leader Alumni, Mathias Horn, had his first paid employees he noticed a significant shift in his own role. He suddenly found himself having to weave out some of the old habits in order to embrace a new mindset and step into the role of the leader that he is today.