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StartupTalk #36 – User Feedback Beyond the Buzz

V. Symbion

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User feedback is for better and worse; you’ll need it to develop your product, but it can certainly be a foggy mess of useless requests too. Before you start designing blue cans we’ll teach you how to collect and spot the valuable feedback amid all the noise. Why you should attend If you a...

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User feedback is for better and worse; you’ll need it to develop your product, but it can certainly be a foggy mess of useless requests too. Before you start designing blue cans we’ll teach you how to collect and spot the valuable feedback amid all the noise.

Why you should attend

If you ask any investor, business angel or successful founder, they’ll tell you to listen, observe and connect with your customers often. Not only to validate your business idea and get the first vital traction, but also to continue to do so, so you can reserve your scarce product development resources to the developments with the highest returns of investment.

However, there’s just no reason to hire massive product teams or expensive consultants to do the market research. You have the best possible candidates already – your users – and they’ll tell you what they want. That’s is why we’ve gathered the experts to help you get a headstart.

By attending this StartupTalk, you’ll 

  • Understand why you need to incorporate user feedback in your product development from day 1
  • Receive our hand-picked selection of great startup tools and services to collect, prioritize and implement user feedback into your product roadmap
  • Get a hands-on framework to balance different types of feedback such as data, quantitative feedback and internal requests
  • Get the no-bullshit advice from a tech founder like you on how to align your product vision with your sales figures
  • Ask the experts your most burning questions during the LIVE Q&A


09.00 – 09.10: Welcome and introduction to the topic with the PSV Academy Program Manager Camilla Baumgarten and PreSeed Ventures Investment Director Anders Bach Waagstein.

09.10 – 09.25: Presenting a framework to collect, structure and implement user feedback in your product development by Jonas Alexandersson, Founder and CXO, Usertribe.

09.25 – 09.45: Founder’s story: Lessons learned, mistakes made and successes achieved by Lars Holdgaard, Co-founder and CTO, Likvido.

09.45 -10.00: LIVE Q&A – Ask the speakers your most burning questions


Jonas Alexandersson

Founder and CXO of Usertribe

For Jonas it’s always been about the humans. Empathy, development and experiences. Behind every single piece of data there’s a living creative full of hopes, fears, ever-changing needs, barriers, challenges, dreams, missed opportunities etc. Early on he decided he would be a man on a mission: To put empathy and user-centricity on the map and into the core of business. Today with a track record of more than 10 years of innovation within user research, working with thousands of projects across +50 countries, helping anyone from startups to global enterprises on how to build truly user-centric products, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two.

Lars Holdgaard

Co-Founder & CTO of Likvido

We could just go ahead and classify him as a technical left-side-of-the-brain kind of person, but that simply wouldn’t cut it. Hist firsts attempt to succeed failed. That’s why we absolutely love him – he took a big leap and put himself out there, and most importantly learned some valuable lessons of what it really takes to build a startup. As a result, he’s already reaping the benefits as his new startup Likvido is quickly becoming the best in the class with more than +50 employees globally.

Anders Bach Waagstein

Investment Director at PreSeed Ventures

Anders will be opening the ball by giving his input to navigate in the jungle of user feedback. With more than 14 portfolio companies under his wings Ander knows a thing or two. Before joining PreSeed Ventures, Anders spent 10 years gaining experience from international data-driven digital businesses from both the client and consulting perspective. Most importantly, he holds invaluable, first-hand startup experience, as he co-founded and sold a social recruiting network at the time when Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks were emerging.

Camilla Baumgarten

Program Manager at PSV Academy

As Program Manager Camilla is dedicated to creating the best possible platform, talks and tools for early-stage founders in the Danish startup ecosystem. She’s a fast-paced, creative soul and loves going down the infamous rabbit hole in a plethora of nerdy subjects. With her at the steering wheel, you can be sure to quickly feel her energy driving the whole thing forward like a small but mighty steam train. All aboard!


Any investor, business angel and successful founder will stress the necessity of listening to and understanding the feedback from your customers. Happy customer, happy life. And with good reason. But if you run off with every piece of feedback and requests along the way you might just lose sight of shore (as many have before you) while also underestimating something equally as important – your own product vision, expertise and thorough understanding of the problem you’re solving.

In today’s business context, efficiency and speed in creating the products that the customers want, have become a matter of life and death for any business. To survive, companies need a solid process for collecting and prioritizing user feedback as well as implementing it into their product development.

We’ll adress these issues, among others during this StartupTalk, along with to-the-point and practical advice on how to go about it. As always we’ll team up with an industry expert and an experienced tech founder who has been-there-done-that. So join us for an hour that will fire up and professionalize your early product development.

Eventet er afholdt.

Eventet er afholdt