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Sustainability for entrepreneurs

V. Startup Central og Danmark for Målene

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Startup Central and Danmark for Målene (Denmark for the SDG's) invite startups and other stakeholders within the startup-field to this inspiring event focusing on, how and why entrepreneurship and United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals go hand in hand. There's no doubt that entrepreneu...

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Startup Central and Danmark for Målene (Denmark for the SDG's) invite startups and other stakeholders within the startup-field to this inspiring event focusing on, how and why entrepreneurship and United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals go hand in hand.

There's no doubt that entrepreneurship, innovation, and new ways of thinking business are crucial elements in relation to sustainable development and for the society to achieve the SDG's.

While 'born digital' has been the buzzwords for startsups in the last decade, we see that more startups adopt 'born sustainable'. This transition means that startups withing different branches not only are interested in econimic growth. Instead and increasingly, the main focus is the interplay and reciprocity between the economic, social, and environmental bottom line.

This event offers speaks from entrepreneurs, who actively work with sustainability. Moreover, during the networking-session you get the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneural fiery souls, ask questions to the speakers, and visit stands with represententatives from the business community.

In sum up, during the event we shed a light on and discuss questions like:

  • Why do entrepreneurship and sustainability go hand in hand?
  • How and why can you consider the Sustainable Development Goals as a strategic toolbox - and how do you turn over good intentions and words to actual actions?
  • How can you contemplate sustainability all the way through the value chain? And why is this an important area of responsibility?
  • How can we on both a local and national level support sustainable entrepreneurship?

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14:00-14:15: Welcome
Peter Sørensen, Mayor of Horsens (S)

14:15-14:45: Presentation: Why Sustainability for entrepreneurs?
Anders Fogh, CEO & founder – Startup Central
Theresa Blegvad, CEO – Danmark for Målene

14:45-15:00: Break

15:00-15:20: Speak 2: Circular economy in Design Processes
Jeyan Jey, CEO & founder, City Caps

15:25-15:45: Speak 3: Alternative Organization Structure and Financing
Hans Henrik Heming, CEO & Co-founder,

15:45-15:50: Break

15:50-16:10: Speak 4: Sustainability in the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry
Caroline K. Pedersen, Communications Specialist, Sustainawear

16:10-17:00: Networking and refreshments
Opportunity to ask the speakers and business actors questions. Also, the networking is intended for participants and other interested parties who drop-in.

Peter Sørensen, Mayor of Horsens (S)

Peter Sørensen welcomes the event and puts into words, why sustainable entrepreneurship is essential for the development of the business community and local communities.

Anders Fogh, Founder and CEO, Startup Central

Anders is a true fiery soul, when it comes to build and support a strong startup ecosystem in Denmark. With Startup Central Anders and his team have established an eksklusive network for entrepreneurs.

Together with Theresa Blegvad, Anders introduces the collaboration between Startup Central and Danmark for Målene. Moreover, Anders describes, why entrepreneurship is the best way of life and how Startup Central can help you live out your entrepreneurial dream.

Read more about Anders on LinkedIn.

Theresa Blegvad, CEO Danmark for Målene

Both as CEO at Danmark for Målene (Denmark for the SDG's) and as board member in different startups, and associations, Theresa has dedicated her work life to sustainable development and the interplay between the economic, social, and environmental bottom line.

Together with Anders Fogh, Theresa introduces the collaboration between Danmark for Målene and Startup Central. Moreover, Theresa describes, why the Sustainable Development Goals can be seen as a toolbox, and why the goals can be used strategically in order to grow on all bottom lines and to create a better World for everybody.

Read more about Theresa on LinkedIn.

Jeyan Jey, Founder and CEO at City Caps

Jeyan Jey is the CEO and founder of City Caps. His company is designed to unite: We are put into this world to create a social and sustainable fashion brand that embrace, support, and create unity across different social classes, religion and political beliefs.

At the event Jeyan will be speaking about how City Caps work with circular economy in all their processes and how City Caps are based on the sustainable development goals. City Caps has a great focus on social impact and sustainable impact, which he also will get into at the event. Designed to unite.

Read more about Jeyan on LinkedIn.

Hans Henrik Heming, Co-founder and CEO at

Hans Henrik has been an entrepreneural fiery soul his entire life and has been a part of some the technological breakthroughs. Actually, in 1994/95 he established one of the first web agencies in Denmark, and in 2005 he was the founder of Denmark's first Social Media Agency, Wemind A/S. In 2015 Hans Henrik made a business shift, when he became co-founder of EarLabs, which produces and develops earplugs for swimmers. Fun fact: Hans Henrik and EarLabs participated in the television program Løvernes Hule on DR.

Since, Hans Henrik has been a part of many startups and kick-of projects focusing on social graph’s, blockchain, and bitcoin. Today, he is Co-founder and CEO at, where he combines his love for swimming, open water sports and the ocean with his in-depth knowledge to the technological World. is all in to SDG 14: Life below Water, and aims to make it easier, more impactful, and more rewarding to fund action for the ocean. The health of the ocean is rapidly deteriorating, and it's going to take all of us to flip the script.

In addition, an incredibly fascinating thing about is the alternative organization and financing structure. During his speak, Hans Henrik will take a deeper dive into, what it means to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and how he takes advantage of his experiences in order to rethink the notion of entrepreneurship, startup and business development.

Read more about Hans Henrik on LinkedIn.

Caroline K. Pedersen, Communications Specialist at Sustainawear

Caroline is specialized in credible CSR communication and young consumers’ complicated relationship with sustainability, and she handles Sustainawear's press and media relations. Furthermore, she helps implementing sustainability into Sustainawear's members' communications strategy.

Caroline will give you an overview of, how Sustainawear aims to give companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry the necessary prerequisites in order to understand and manage sustainable and responsible practices. You will hear about Sustainawear Community, which includes an e-learning platform for professionals in the industry, and a range of products and services that help companies to reach their sustainable objectives.

Moreover, Caroline will share some of her experiences and stories in relation to working in a "born sustainable" startup, which strives to make one of the most polluting industries in the World much more sustainable.

Read more about Caroline on LinkedIn.

Eventet er afholdt.

Eventet er afholdt


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